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Active life in the present in a historical Wine Region

Mór is small town between Vértes and Bakony Hills in the Middle Transdanubia. Turning toward the town from Route 81 on the right side, we will see green fields, folds, a pond surrounding with plants and the view of grazing horses. Soon we will see the two huge buildings. Hotel and Restaurant Seeing the beautifully painted walls of the first building revives the more than 300 years old history of the German ethnic people living here. We walk further between the two buildings and the vineyards of Kecske Hill and the amazing view of Vértes burst upon our sight. The building of the hotel reminding us to a hick hall is fascinating. We go further into the patio where we can see a pavilion made of wood. It reminds us to a sanctum. Arriving to a rural small town from the running world, we feel that time stopped around us, we dropped back into the country life 300 years earlier. Having arrived to the reception, we will not be disappointed, the vision of the Voglauer wardrobe cuts the dash of exigent furnishing of the rural elegance, that is sensible all around the house. We formed everything minutely and thoughtfully. We are welcomed with friendly and truthful smile at the reception desk so there is no need to ask why the place is called the island of ‘Smile and Calmness’.

Our history

In the region of Mór growing vine is a more hundred year old tradition. The Romans brought the first vine-shoots. During the Ottoman period the vineyards desolated, the village became almost uninhabited. Horse Restaurant The new laird called German settlers to his lordship, until the end of the 17th century the settlement happened in more waves. According to the traditions, the first seven families settled down here from the Black Forest in Germany. They were: Ábele, Eisele, Hippele, Négele, Rimele, Schindele and Wundele. These families built their houses at the bottom of Kecske Hill in the ground, where they also built a pump. The use of this one pump became the cause of disagreement. The judge of the village disposed that all families should have one. The place of living of the families still has the name of Hétkúti field. The houses disappeared, the area is settled again but not with German ethnic families. Hétkúti field gives a home to our hotel and the 29-hectare big Horse Park at the bottom of Vértes Hills. On the wall of the Horse Park painted seven streamlets empties to a common tree that symbolizes how joined from the first 7 families the German ethnic genus of Mór. You can meet such traditions if you visit us.


Hétkúti Wellness Hotel - 8060 Mór, Dózsa György u. 111.
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